Friday, August 14, 2009

The Westfield Collection from Joe Ruggiero for Miles Talbott

I must admit that I am a poor choice to judge wicker furniture. I grew up surrounded by great wicker designs and I have come to associate it with good times and happiness. I love the stuff and I usually am quite taken with any kind of wicker design, thus making me a poor choice to give an honest opinion. There is something about the natural feel and style of wicker furniture that makes me feel very comfortable and safe.
Having said all of that, I am most dazzled by the recent designs from Joe Ruggiero for Miles Talbott. The furniture is exquisite in its creativity and class, emanating a sense of refined style while retaining the quaint modesty of wicker. Wicker designs are difficult to do on such a large scale, but Ruggiero has created an engaging and attractive collection worth checking out. The pieces are symmetrical and comfortable and would fit nicely on a large patio or deck.

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  1. Leann: This is VIRO all weather wicker. So it will go inside or out. It is also recyleable! Not PVC. Makes for a great story.