Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lullaby and goodnight...

Shushing our sweet bundles of joy towards a peaceful, dreamy sleep would be ever so much easier if they were to lay their little heads to rest in these lovely cribs and cradles.

The Magic Garden Cradle and Princess Coach Iron Crib are a fairy-tale fantasy brought to life by PoshTots.

Asian tranquility is beautifully realized in the Emperor Canopy Crib available through Lil Sophisticate.
Custom designed and hand painted to suit any fancy by Jane Keltner for Brighton Pavilions.

The Heirloom Canopy Crib by DeGarrio is delicately forged and painted, and looks like a sweetly old-fashioned tole bed.For the hip, uber-cool, eco-conscious baby, Giggle presents the Sam Crib, with interchangeable decorative panels.

This limited edition Moon Cradle designed by Piero Fornasetti gently rocks the night away. At Dragonette, Ltd. through 1stdibs.com.

Hush now, sleep tight.

Laurie Bell Pillows

It was love at first sight with these new pillows by Laurie Bell Fabrics and the best news — they're made of solution-dyed acrylic and perfect for outdoors or in! The decorative pillow program is the company's first introduction and is designed to allow customers to receive their pillows in five to seven days. Currently Laurie Bell Fabrics has seven collections to choose from featuring coordinating fabrics and trims in three shapes: square, lumbar and bolster. The fabulous collections featured here are (clockwise from top left): Black & White, Coastal, Aquatic and Scarlet. For more information click here.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The French Stingray Double Wall Light from Louis Di Calla

The Stingray wall light from Louis Di Calla is made of carved wood, covered in stingray skin (shown in sport rust), inlaid in solid cast-bronze mounts (shown in polished bronze) and tapered with frosted glass shades. Needless to say, this is a very unusual wall light. The stingray skin really catches your eye as you examine this piece. It is elegant, stylish and original, offering the homeowner a delicious substitute to the standard selection of wall lights.

Piemonte from Romo

LinkTextured fabrics are taking center stage in many upcoming fall collections, including the new Piemonte collection of decorative velvets from Romo. The sumptuous collection includes a range of broad geometric stripes, as well as plain ribbed velvets. The jewel-inspired colors are showcased on neutral grounds, creating a blend of comfort and luxury. Piemonte is part of Romo's Fall 2009 collections and is available at Thomas Lavin in the Pacific Design Center.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lesley Anton Totem Floor Lamp

Lighting is one of the best places to look for a sense of fun and whimsy when you are designing a room. This piece from Lesley Anton is creative and elegant at the same time. I really like the color and form of the piece, it is quite unusual. This lamp is a great way to lighten the mood of a room and provide a good conversation piece for friends and relatives. It almost looks like some kind of tree or vine growing out of the ground, which I find very inviting and calming. It is a very natural piece and will add a touch of Bohemia to your style pallet.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Romo Mirabel Wall Coverings

Until recently I was under the false assumption that wallpaper was a thing of the past. However, with companies like Romo producing original, eye-opening product I have been forced to admit I was wrong. I think the thing that strikes me most about the Mirabel Collection is the clarity of the image. You can really tell high quality wall coverings when you see them, and this collection radiates high-end design. The attention to detail is amazing and I would jump at the chance to have some of these wall coverings adorn the barren walls of my home. Romo has a way of always coming up with something new and inventive, and this collection certainly does not disapoint.

Heavenly reflections

What better way to see if you are indeed the fairest of them all, than in one of these stellar beauties with heaven-sent inspiration.Wisteria is ready for day or night with their hand-hammered Quite Celestial Mirror.

Convex glass and shimmering discs in antique gold leaf splendor radiate luxury in the Raindrop Mirror from Pottery Barn.

Foxed mirror is cut, pieced and carved into a sparkling starburst from Mecox Gardens.
The Sun King, Louis XIV, and his glorious Palace of Versailles gave first light to the sunburst mirror. This early 20th c. Italian giltwood version from Alhambra Antiques through 1stdibs.com.

Having once twinkled from the ceiling of a movie theatre in 1920's Lyon, France, it is now shining brightly at Mecox Gardens.Anthropologie brings their rusty-hued iron Medallion Mirror down to earth, so that it may glitter from a console or low table.

Any one of these mirrors would certainly put a twinkle in your eye.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Shanghai Table Lamp from Louis Di Calla

I won't settle for boring lighting. I need a lighting piece that catches my eye and adds a valuable element to a room or hallway. That is why I adore this dazzling piece from Louis Di Calla. This piece is inspired by the art of the famous Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti, and reflects his eclectic yet tasteful sense of refined style. This lamp could complement a variety of styles and settings, mixing in with any semblance of good taste. The lamp is crafted from natural-carved alabaster stone and makes a statement wherever it is placed. What I like about the Shanghai lamp is that it conveys a subtle yet powerful sense of old-fashioned good taste.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Westheimer Arm Chair B from Eric Brand Furniture

I am loving this new Westheimer Arm Chair B from Eric Brand Furniture for its timeless appeal and the unique polished stainless steel detail on the back. The antique inspiration is evident in the curved legs and arms, adding sophistication and charm. This chair measures 23"w x 25"d x 35.5"h and can be found among the expansive collection of quality furnishings available at the Thomas Lavin showroom in the Pacific Design Center. Eric Brand Furniture is known for creating quality pieces tailored for both residential and home environments and this chair would make a great addition to a library or office setting.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Malmaison Easy Chair from Taillardat

If you were to ask me to envision a stately chair meant for a sophisticated yet stylish living room, the Malmaison Easy Chair from Taillardat would come to mind immediately. The mahogany wood comes off as very regal and works well with the Mezzanluna fabric from Dedar. The original design appeared somewhere around 1725, available only in the homes of the most wealthy of the French nobility. I would love to have visitors to my home walk into my living room and see this chair, it would set a high standard for style throughout the rest of the house. It has a refined grandeur that would make everything around it seem classier. The chair measures 28”w x 26”d x 37”h.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stable thinking

Seems the latest rage is one that started with a frat boy's frugality; two sawhorses, a piece of plywood and call it a desk! From "some assembly required" retailers to the most luxurious of the high end, to-the-trade suppliers, there is a sawhorse desk for every budget and design vision.IKEA's done it again with the VIKA series desks. The top is height adjustable, can be slanted as well, and had for a song!

The sleek glass top and black, nickel finish steel legs makes the West Elm version particularly suited to a modern aesthetic.

Bassett Furniture also gives their Guilford height and angle adjustability. What a great looking piece.

Love the look of the black leather case on brushed stainless steel legs from Ethan Allen.
Technically, not a sawhorse desk, but with the same feel, is the Jean Prouve' designed table with sheet metal legs and oak top. Reproduced to exacting standards by Vitra and available through Design Within Reach.
And then, the winner by a nose, the beauty of the Jean-Pierre Desk by Helene Aumont with leather insets, handcrafted in walnut with traditional joinery, and also height adjustable. Truly a work of art, each desk is numbered and stamped.

With so many choices, the sawhorses and plywood should be set out to pasture, along with the cinderblock shelving units.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Northern Lights from O Ecotextiles

I could count the reasons to fall in love with Northern Lights, a revolutionary velvet collection from O Ecotextiles, but we would be here for an awfully long time. This velvet is comprised of bamboo and cotton, which came to fruition after some persistent experimentation at the mill in Great Britain where it was produced. In fact, all toxic chemicals were removed throughout the production process, including eliminating toxic chemicals commonly used during the process of dying fabrics. Oh yeah, the fabric is softened using all natural beeswax, aloe vera and vitamin E. So, to summarize the shortlist of reasons to invest in the Northern Lights collection: Quality? check. Luxurious? check. Organic? check. Really organic? Yes, Northern Lights is certified organic and using it even provides eligibility for LEED credits for indoor air quality, use of rapidly renewable resources and innovation. With nine different colorways to choose from, the only question is what are you waiting for?

American Clay Brings Comfort

American Clay is known for recreating the surfaces of our pastime and they have done it again with the Earth Plaster Series. The series is available in 43 colors and unlimited custom combinations. Clay is known for its inherent longevity, mold resistance, temperature moderation, dirt repellent, humidity controlling and sound attenuating. Another reason to like American Clay is that is is environmentally conscious. While wall coverings usually contain some of the highest toxicity levels in home materials, this product is not toxic at all. For some reason I like the idea of being surrounded by a clay barrier, I think it sounds really relaxing, like some kind of sauna. Either way American Clay offers an alternative to the same old wall coverings of off-blue paint jobs. I recommend American Clay for the homeowner who wants conversation piece for a dinner-party or luncheon. The color shown here is Lake Tahoe with a Porcelina finish.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's flora's turn (because it was fauna's last week!)

Why not let one of these scrumptious chandeliers illuminate a dining room, family room, bedroom or powder room with whimsy and panache.

Can you smell the fresh pine while you huddle for warmth around a crackling fire under one of Hammerton's Log & Timber chandeliers?

Such a contrast from the exuberance of Ironies' Neblina with its profusion of acrylic flowers to the spare, icy branches of Porta Romana's Blossom.

What could be more fun, functional and affordable than the Thru the Trees from Urban Outfitters, or the simple, clip-on, etched stainless steel flowers from Tord Boontje through ConranUSA. A light bulb has never had it so good, it's a bit like playing dress-up!

And then for over-the-top, piece de resistance, creme de la creme, pull all the stops out, jaw-dropping WOW ~ the Flowerfall from Oly Studio and the found object magic of the Magpie Chandelier from Anthropologie.

Nature's beauty and bounty, what could be more illuminating?

A Divine Rendezvous with Brentano

Brentano was recognized at this year's Hospitality and Design Expo in Las Vegas for two of the newest additions to their expansive collection of quality textiles. Each design represents the uniqueness and innovation that Brentano is known for. The fashion-influenced Rendezvous is available in three colors. Hidden beneath its delicate appearance is the added durability of double-layer construction. Rendezvous will add depth and luster to drapery, partitions, accent pillows and throws. De-Vine is a double-embroidered faux leather with a large scale repeat, perfect for vertical panels, headboards, ottomans and accent pieces.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Marakesh Collection from Highland Court

The Moroccan inspiration behind the new Marakesh Collection from Highland Court, a division of Duralee, is evident in the distinct Suzani motifs, Ikat designs and bright colors. The eye-catching Marakesh textiles also include paisleys, stripes and folk embroideries, adding vibrant diversity to a luxurious collection. The hand-woven designs offer unrefined florals and tile designs to add a touch of timeless simplicity to the collection. Marakesh is available in five color books: Magenta, Tangerine, Aquamarine, Cobalt and Walnut. The uniqueness and creativity of this collection are a warm reminder of why I am so drawn to quality textiles and artistic textile designs.

Aprio Lounge Chair from Giati

The new chair from the Aprio Collection from Giati is from a collection of strong, measured pieces, with an emphasis on comfort and sustainability. The Aprio Collection includes seven breathtaking entries; a dining chair, lounge chair, ottoman, chaise lounge, round dining table, square dining table and a square side table. The collection is modeled after the design sensibilities most commonly found in the of the Art Nouveau movement, and the results are a fantastic group of outdoor furniture sure to please. I see this as a more modern, hip version of outdoor furniture, perhaps appealing to the young professional crowd.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Millennium Chair from Walters Wicker

Although a vacation in the Greek Islands would be nice (shown above), the Millennium Chair from Walters Wicker alone is enough to turn heads in the design industry. Walters Wicker is known for producing some of the top outdoor furniture in the marketplace today, and they have hit the nail on the head with this new chair. I find the design stylish and refreshing, combining a solid wicker seat with a sturdy aluminum frame. The chair is featured in white (which I prefer) but it is also available in a variety of custom colors. Walter’s Wicker, Inc., maintains showrooms in the D&D Building in New York and The Atlanta Decorative Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

From the cheeky to the classic, there lies a hint of the beast within these charmers.

The only thing missing is the furry mane, but you can hear the roar of the Le Lion Stand in the Jacques Garcia Collection by Baker, making a powerful statement in blood red.

Let's continue our tour of the African veld with the iconic Tusk Table in the Bill Sofield Collection by Baker, it is especially interesting in silver gilt.

Antony Todd through 1stdibs.com has one-upped the Tusk by offering elephant heads carved to perfection in a 19th c. Anglo-Indian artifact.

Oly Studio has put a whole new spin on curling up with the dog by the fire. Their Ajax Armchair is certain to be your best friend, especially with the Ari Side Table holding your favorite drink.
Can you just picture this beast of a bench lurking in the shadows, one might think a werewolf had taken kindly to your secret garden, rather than Oly's Arthur.

Erica Brunson's Taylor Console seems as ancient as the legend of the unicorn, with the patina of age and the delicate legs of the mythical equine.

Might Dransfield & Ross's Abydos Bench and it's fearsome wolves have howled Cleopatra's enemies into submission?

One can almost hear the lush melody of the bird perching on the branches of this sweetly delicate accent table from Pier 1, and the reproduction of the Merit Oppenheim "Traccia" table through Eccola on 1stdibs.com is just missing a few feathers, but none of the charm.

Starting your own zoo is everyone's childhood dream, yes?