Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

From the cheeky to the classic, there lies a hint of the beast within these charmers.

The only thing missing is the furry mane, but you can hear the roar of the Le Lion Stand in the Jacques Garcia Collection by Baker, making a powerful statement in blood red.

Let's continue our tour of the African veld with the iconic Tusk Table in the Bill Sofield Collection by Baker, it is especially interesting in silver gilt.

Antony Todd through 1stdibs.com has one-upped the Tusk by offering elephant heads carved to perfection in a 19th c. Anglo-Indian artifact.

Oly Studio has put a whole new spin on curling up with the dog by the fire. Their Ajax Armchair is certain to be your best friend, especially with the Ari Side Table holding your favorite drink.
Can you just picture this beast of a bench lurking in the shadows, one might think a werewolf had taken kindly to your secret garden, rather than Oly's Arthur.

Erica Brunson's Taylor Console seems as ancient as the legend of the unicorn, with the patina of age and the delicate legs of the mythical equine.

Might Dransfield & Ross's Abydos Bench and it's fearsome wolves have howled Cleopatra's enemies into submission?

One can almost hear the lush melody of the bird perching on the branches of this sweetly delicate accent table from Pier 1, and the reproduction of the Merit Oppenheim "Traccia" table through Eccola on 1stdibs.com is just missing a few feathers, but none of the charm.

Starting your own zoo is everyone's childhood dream, yes?

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  1. I love this kind of thing. It immediately made me think of this chair, which I've always loved:


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