Wednesday, June 10, 2009

American Clay Brings Comfort

American Clay is known for recreating the surfaces of our pastime and they have done it again with the Earth Plaster Series. The series is available in 43 colors and unlimited custom combinations. Clay is known for its inherent longevity, mold resistance, temperature moderation, dirt repellent, humidity controlling and sound attenuating. Another reason to like American Clay is that is is environmentally conscious. While wall coverings usually contain some of the highest toxicity levels in home materials, this product is not toxic at all. For some reason I like the idea of being surrounded by a clay barrier, I think it sounds really relaxing, like some kind of sauna. Either way American Clay offers an alternative to the same old wall coverings of off-blue paint jobs. I recommend American Clay for the homeowner who wants conversation piece for a dinner-party or luncheon. The color shown here is Lake Tahoe with a Porcelina finish.

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