Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Mad Men"-Inspired Tufted Bed Headboard

If you are like me, you have been captivated by the third season of AMC's "Madmen", a television drama following the lives of the top-brass of an advertising firm on Madison Avenue in New York during the early '60s. In addition to the fascinating story line, the show features an eclectic collection of furnishings that immediately draw the eye of any design-savvy individual. The bed shown above is the first foray I have seen into recreating a piece on the show.

The Draper Bed, named after the character Don Draper, is modeled after the bed that appears in his bedroom. Its subtle upholstery is sure to draw fans of the classic style. "Upholstered beds offer sophistication, color and comfort compared to wood beds," said Jeffrey S. King, vice president of Marketing at "Many people like to lean against the headboard while reading in bed, and the padding in upholstered beds allows them to do this comfortably." The bed's attractive design should appeal to fans and non-fans alike, and it is available for purchase online.


  1. Can i get this bed in cream color

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