Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chandeliers from Claire de Lune Lighting & Mirrors for Accent

Original. Refreshing. Different.

These are just three of the words that may pop into your head when looking at the new chandeliers from Claire de Lune Lighting & Mirrors for Accent. The design is inspired from the arms of a clock, creating a unique and complicated piece. Each chandelier features a chrome light, in addition to the five arms shaped to look like candles. This is certainly not the chandelier hanging over your grandmothers dinner table, and the design is aggressive and hypnotic at the same time. The acrylic materials provides an odd choice for a chandelier of this shape, but all of the design risks really pay off in the end. This is a nice addition to the modern home looking for a piece to make a strong statement.


  1. This should be included in the next International Design Yearbook. Who is editing the 2011 volume?!