Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mod, vintage, retro

Words of the moment to describe fabrics and wallcoverings with a decidedly mid-century vibe. With pops of color and space-age cool, your pad can be uber-hip and shagadelic, baby!

Amy Lau's delicious new collection for S. Harris. Shown: Waterblocks in Aqua and Supergrafil in Earthwork
Nobody does vintage papers like Bradbury & Bradbury, and their Atomic Collection is no exception. Shown: Atomic Doodle in Pink and GeeGee in Sage
The Modern British Collection by England's St. Jude and available through Lucy Rose Design. Shown: Dandelion in Sage/Yellow and Treehouse in Grey/Grey
Also from across the pond, the UK's Clarke & Clarke offers vibrant collections. Shown: Into the Groove

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  1. Absolutely LOVE the Waterblocks pattern! Great post Martha.