Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christopher Guy

Highly styled, beautifully executed, lushly designed! Having designed for some of the finest hotels, cruise ships, and luxury retailers in the world, as well as movie sets, Christopher Guy Harrison embodies refinement and sophistication, fusing classicism with modernism.

The signature end table; the lyrical ampersand form connects the legs with a seamless flourish.

Art Deco inspired, the figure-of-eight dining chair.

Quite the tete-a-tete, with signature Chris-x legs and rattan detailing.

The double door cabinet with mirrored frontage.

Hand-carved mahogany in ribbon form frames the tufted headboard.

Micro-bevelled mirror panes are surrounded by a gilded edge.

"The finest and most enduring designs tend to be simple in their execution." ~ Christopher Guy


  1. Beautiful, we love using their mirrors as well.

  2. OK, seriously in love with the figure eight dining chair!!

  3. Christopher Guy has such an extraordinary eye and beautifully executed pieces, doesn't he? Glad you like the post, and thanks!

  4. I love this! What beautiful forms. An updated Glamour look. Great Blog! Thanks for sharing.

  5. simple yet elegant outlines, very stylish furniture.

  6. I couldn't agree more. It's elegant. I love the chairs and table. They are perfect for the living room.

    Happy Holidays!
    - AlRitch :)

  7. Love the ribbon head frame! wonderful post, looking forward to more