Tuesday, July 21, 2009

John Hutton's Collection Pierre

John Hutton is known for his ability to bridge the gap between modern forms and classic structures, a skill he displays proudly with the newest collection from Hutton Home. Collection Pierre is a stunning set of reproductions from the classic Versailles era of French furniture design. "Pierre is the creative spirit of this youthful concept of a world with a new beginning. It takes the good, fun, excitement and intelligence learned from a life long study of 18th century French society and rolls them into a fresh and hip collection of luxury furnishings faithful to the rhythms of the age," says Hutton. The collection includes such pieces as the Low and Exotic (top) and Nymphe (below), hand-carved from French White Oak sourced from the original forests where it was harvested 250 years ago, and Beech Wood especially selected for those pieces that feature light, dark or metallic finishes. Hutton has taken the treasures of Versailles and created a hip new collection that features many of the traits that have made this time-period of furniture production timeless.

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  1. these are some really gorgeous pieces! thanks for sharing this collection!