Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Scandinavian Getaway

How fortunate are we that textile designer Sina Pearson, founder of Sina Pearson Textiles, took a trip to Sweden, Finland and Denmark to explore her ancestry and her affinity for Scandinavian design and culture! It was this getaway that inspired her new collection, Scandinavia 101, debuting this September. Pearson's fresh approach to traditional Scandinavian textiles is at once luxurious and comforting while maintaining a nostalgic quality reminiscent of an era of sturdy, hand-woven textiles.

The colors are comprised of natural, vegetable dyed yarns that Pearson has collected through the years. The palette pays homage to the region that inspired the collection. Iron ore red is Sweden's most popular house color, warm gold provides a stark contrast to the long winter nights, soft blues lend a tribute to the Baltic sea and the thousands of rivers and lakes and the natural gray hues are symbolic of the tundra regions.

Scandinavia 101 includes four distinct, yet coordinating patterns. Spun is a woven wool with an irregular slub cotton yarn. Lina was named for a Swedish cousin and consists of a sturdy lines in a polished satin weave. Woods is a modern take on a classic Scandinavian geometric design. The fourth pattern, Comfort, is a blended fabric similar to the handmade blankets that once kept Pearson's ancestors warm. The four patterns combine to create a total of 25 brilliant colorways for a range of applications.

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