Friday, December 11, 2009

fluid from Sustainable Solutions International

Comprised of eight bathroom collections and two stainless steel kitchen sink collections, fluid provides the discerning consumer with an attractive and environmentally responsible option for the bathroom. All of the collections featured below are equipped with a flow-regulated aerator to dispense water at 1.5 gallons-per-minute, a rate which has garnered these products a WaterSense certification.
The Sublime Collection (above) is a study in form and functionality. The faucet is designed in the shape of a semi-arc rainbow, with a high pointing spout and smooth curves. The gently curved spout makes it a perfect feature for vessel sinks of different heights and shapes, as well as architectural basins. This is the thinking mans faucet.

The Penguin Collection (above) is described by the manufacturer as a "clean, contemporary line of bathroom fixtures, which feature a true fusiform shape and take their design cues directly from nature. The design features a single lever faucet with a streamlined silhouette, upright form and horizontal spout." The Penguin is yet another example of how SSI has rethought and retooled the basic principals of the common bathroom appliance.

The Emperor faucet line (above) takes its cue from the art and designs of the ancient Qin Dynasty. The modern faucet features nods to traditional Asian design, and provides consumers with am agile and attractive option. The facuet was awarded the CIDF Gold Award and the iF Product Design Award for its excellence. The faucet is described by the manufacture as possessing "formal and austere lines that recall the tenants of Asian style and grace."

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