Friday, December 4, 2009

New Fabrics from Lisa Miller for Cloth

Cloth introduces a unique collection of whimsical linen prints perfect for childrens' rooms and available as indoor or outdoor fabrics. Michal Silver, director of Cloth, flew in from London to introduce the new fabrics at the Thomas Lavin showroom, creating a buzz for designers and showroom personnel alike. The fabrics were designed exclusively for Cloth by famed textile wizard Lisa Miller, currently head of her own design firm and known for being a strong creative force in the industry.

The collection will begin with three of Miller's creations: Constellation, Quadrant and Pods (shown here from top t0 bottom). All of the designs are meticulously hand-drawn and feature the one-of-a-kind quality treasured by textile enthusiasts. The designs are single-color motifs with a strong graphic quality and are available in linen, silk or an outdoor fabric. "Compared to other Cloth designs, Miller’s motifs are small and with a distinctive repeat," says Cloth designer Christopher Farr. “Lisa's strengths as a designer come from a subtle and deep absorption in the primal graphic expression found in the unspoilt native cultures of the world, combined with an experiential knowledge of fashion and contemporary art.”


  1. The fabric motifs are like art painting and very creative in choosing colors. I like it! Lisa, you are a designer who is so creative.

  2. Wow ...The beautiful design. I have many clothing orders from my customers. Unfortunately I am confused to choose the motif fabric. Thanks for sharing information about the motives of fabric in this post.