Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Apogee Market Umbrella from Giati

Picking an umbrella for your patio table just got a whole lot easier. These umbrellas are perfect for any kind of outdoor set-up and will immediately give your patio or deck a stylish vibe. The Apogee Collection of umbrellas from Giati are constructed of premium grade teak and are available in octagonal or square shape in 7 ft., 9 ft. or 12 ft. sizes. Bases can be customized as square or round, rolling or stationary. The umbrellas are handmade and feature a finger jointed and tri-staggered pole for greater strength and stability. Although the umbrellas are obviously aesthetically pleasing, their real worth comes from their amazing durability and strength. So often in our outdoor designs, we choose to skimp on the umbrella and then are disappointed when a brisk wind destroys it. Invest in a Giati umbrella and receive the confidence of a handmade product.

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