Friday, May 8, 2009

Schwaller Armchair from Dessin Fournir

The Schwaller Armchair from Dessin Fournir is a nice alternative to the all the ultra-modern chairs you see out on the market these days. It is a lovely French throwback to a long-gone era that features strong Oak legs and an encompassing feel. It measures 24 1/2"w x 28"d x 44 1/2"h and can seat even the most expansive frame. This looks like a great chair for a library or low-key living room. It would be a great chair to sit down in, read the paper and drink your morning coffee in as well. I heartily recommend this chair for a person who would like a change of pace and some good old-fashioned comfort at the same time. It almost looks like it was taken right out of an old picture and plopped into our living room. Enjoy...

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