Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Latest Crush

I won't admit to writing "I heart Chauncey" all over my notes in this morning's meeting (honestly, I don't know who did that :) but I think you'll agree the new Chauncey Chair from Pal + Smith is certainly worth fawning over. The best way to describe the Chauncey would be the three words that came to mind when I first saw it: I want this! Was it the gorgeous Bergamo floral needle-point upholstery that first caught my eye? Was it the charming swivel-base that won me over? It's hard to say but the total package of style, comfort and quality that this chair offers seals the deal! I have also been thinking of the many rooms that this chair would fit perfectly in, but I'm wondering what do you think Chauncey is best suited for?

Please leave your comments below. As for me I have to get back to my notes... I heart Chauncey...


  1. Great chair!!! Love that fabric. Great chair for livingroom or bedroom accent

  2. Fabulous! I can imagine that chair would be perfect for lounging and enjoying an ocean view.