Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's not your Grandmother's wallpaper!

Lately, it seems that wallpaper is everywhere! New patterns, colorways and treatments are coming out of the woodwork. There is no end to the beauty, versatility and yes, price points that are represented in the marketplace today, with hundreds of choices for the custom product. Designers and clients asked, and the industry responded in spades.

The design trade has a special place in their hearts for de Gournay, their detail, use of color and motif is beyond compare. While specializing in 18th and 19th c. chinoiserie and French designs, they can reinterpret classics for a more modern ambiance.

Gracie Studio also specializes in the luxury of the hand-painted scenic wallcovering. Historic documents, photographs or local landscapes can be used as a source of inspiration for the artists to create the most traditional subjects or contemporary patterns on silk, paper or metallic grounds.

One of the newest kids on the custom block is Fromental, but their creativity and depth of experience speaks volumes. Their embroidered silk collection is unique to the industry. From the more traditional chinoiseries, the collection moves through re-interpretations of 1930's florals, 1950's mod, bold super graphics and the sweetness of children's papers.

Elegance and exuberance meet in the latest creations from Maya Romanoff, with one of the finest examples displayed in the 2009 Kips Bay Showhouse. The company incorporates ancient techniques with modern design and production, and also maintains an environmental sensibility.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek are the clever designs of Dunford Wood, available in the US through Lucy Rose Designs. With an extraordinary color sense and great humor, traditional designs are turned on their head!

For an eco-friendly wall treatment, Given Campbell prints on no VOC, no trim paper, with water soluble, air dry inks. Her patterns and colors are fresh, modern and truly inspired.

Custom capabilities go a step further with Alluminare, giving the designer complete control of the pattern, scale and colors. You choose from dozens of patterns, scale the pattern appropriately for your application, adjust colors and 3 weeks later, your custom paper arrives. This is just plain fun!

Choices today are virtually infinite, allowing designers and their clients complete freedom of expression and the chance to create a unique and personal design statement.


  1. Fabulous overview of what's new in the wild world of wallcoverings. Thank you! I'm not exposed to enough of this in my everyday life, so it's helpful and inspiring to see the variety of design, materials, and services available. I want me some.

  2. This is such a fitting title. While it seemed that wallpaper went on hiatus and was the awful stuff that we were scraping off the walls of kitchens full of avocado appliances, we can now rejoice that paper can make a room and home so much more interesting today than paint. Great post Martha! Glad to see some resources here that are not your typical design center listings.

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