Monday, May 25, 2009

Blurring the line....

We have lately been inundated with information and ideas about blurring the line between indoors and out, bringing nature into our homes, and opening our homes to the great outdoors. Of course, it makes perfect sense, and what better way to do just that, than to use the beauty found in nature as a window covering when we have to cover the beauty of nature!

The options in product and pricing are boundless, making the addition of natural woven products a possibility for just about everyone. Many of the companies have done their environmental homework and their offerings are renewable, sustainable, green and gorgeous.

Conrad is the leader, the innovator of the industry, setting the standard for almost 60 years. Their beautiful shades are hand-woven by master craftspeople from natural plants and grasses that are sustainably grown and harvested. The fibers are naturally strong and resistant to ultra-violet light and mildew, are dust-resistant and have high abrasion resistance, which makes them a perfect choice for window coverings that will stand the test of time. Conrad shades are GreenSpec listed, so designers and consumers are assured of their quality and environmental friendliness.

Project Green has been launched by Hartmann & Forbes as they strive to grow, harvest and produce their striking window coverings in a sustainable manner and limiting their impact on our environment. Also GreenSpec listed, Hartmann & Forbes has hundreds of "fabrics" or weaves to choose from, making their shades, draperies and panels complimentary to any decor.

The simplicity of catalog and on-line ordering is the hallmark of Smith & Noble. They provide easy to follow instructions for measuring and installation, or you can have one of their specialists provide that service. All of the materials for the Natural Woven Shades, such as grasses, reeds and bamboo are globally sourced, renewable and environmentally responsible.

Many companies that we have long been familiar with, such as Alta, Hunter-Douglas, and Levolor, have each included substantial offerings in the natural woven product lines. With so many different choices available through so many different suppliers, we can all experience the beauty and wonder of nature, whether we are looking out the window or at the window.

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